Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Its that Time.

It's hard to believe, that something much larger than us, just shined its light down directly on the equator yesterday and it just makes me regret everything I was worried about. As nature changes its suit and the sun drifts ever so much further towards that line of Capricorn, I know the dead season is on its way and my reclusive personality will take a stranglehold on my mental being. I'm not a skier unfortunately, but I can't sit still. I'll be looking for those long lasting pockets of fiddle head ferns and outcrops of faulted rocks protruding up out of these receding Michauxslovalikan ridge lines, exposing views that only bush-whackers will find and enjoy. I love this stuff! When all the hardwoods surrounding Virginia strip their leaves and have them standing naked in the wind......ooh what a view! Not quite as good as Vista, but not too shabby for my neck of the woods. But hell, there still plenty of good riding to do before you catch me with my back pack on.

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